The Tire Dealers Association of Canada (TDAC) has followed in the footsteps of its U.S. counterpart, the Tire Industry Association, and joined the Automotive Social Portal.

The Automotive Social Portal, powered by Rallio (a social media mangement company), provides a cloud-based infrastructure that allows associations, manufacturers and other content providers to create and distribute consumer educational content, including information on national, provincial, state and regional governmental issues, through the dealer network to consumers. It is free to all associations and independent dealers in North America.

The Automotive Social Portal has multiple levels of participation that populate dealer social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with pertinent content -- all from a single dashboard.  

"We met this past November with the Automotive Marketing Foundation at the Global Tire Expo in Las Vegas, where they introduced the concept to us," says Bob Bignell, executive cirector of TDAC. "We recognized immediately how this is going to be a very powerful tool to disseminate important information to consumers about tire and vehicle issues and regulations that affect them in Canada."

Bignell adds his association plans to coordinate messaging with the provincial associations in the deployment of Automotive Social Portal.

For more information, Canadian tire dealers should contact Bignell at

Tire dealers can request to join the portal by completing the online sign up form at:

For more information on the Automotive Social Portal or the Automotive Marketing Foundation, contact Wayne Croswell at, or call him at (239) 703-7177.