Kenda tires will run exclusively on Vore 2016 Roush Mustangs, Ford F-150 Raptors and Vore challenge racing trucks.

Kenda tires will run exclusively on Vore 2016 Roush Mustangs, Ford F-150 Raptors and Vore challenge racing trucks. 

American Kenda Rubber Industrial Co. Ltd.’s Kenda brand is the new tire sponsor of Vore Adrenaline Compound, an off-road driving experience based in Las Vegas, Nev.

“Kenda is hungry and aggressively targeting the off-road market and we are honored to be working side-by-side with them on this campaign," says Vore President Mike Self. "We’ve always been impressed with Kenda’s esteemed tire pedigree, and believe Kenda tires will provide Vore with the same high level of quality that our unique experiences deman.d”

Under the agreement, Kenda tires will run exclusively on Vore 2016 Roush Mustangs, Ford F-150 Raptors and Vore challenge racing trucks. The Roush RS1 and RS3 Mustangs are utilized for drifting experiences, the first generation V8-Powered Ford Raptors are operated in their dedicated Raptor programs, and the custom-built V6 and V8 Vore Challenge Trucks are designed for use on their stadium short course experiences, desert tours, and complete racing packages.

Says Kenda President Jimmy Yang: “Vore will be another platform for Kenda to prove the durability and performance of our light truck products as well as our ultra-high performance tires”.

Vore has worked with industry experts to development a pro level “stadium-like” short course off-road track that allows visitors to have the best off-road driving experience available. Vore’s short course track features five major jumps (including a 40-foot table top jump that launches vehicles over 20 feet into the air, high-banked and high-speed corners, a thrilling rhythm section, and perfect drifting corners. Vore also offers desert adventure tours in the Raptors as well as the Vore racing trucks. New to VORE is the Roush Mustang Drift Program where drivers learn how to drift like a pro in the Vore/Roush Mustangs.

The Kenda Klever M/T KR29 will be featured on the vehicles in the off road packages while the Kenda Kaiser KR20 UHP summer tire will be showcased with the Roush Mustang Drifting Programs.

“Not only will consumers get to experience our great Kenda UHP and off-road tires, but we will also be able to use Vore to engage and educate our channel network on our products,” says Brandon Stotsenburg, vice president of automotive division for Kenda. “In addition, we will be able to use the facility for new product testing and to gather valuable feedback from our customers as we continue to push the envelope with new product engineering here in North America.”

The company says Kenda tires are engineered to provide solid performance at a great price and exceed all standards while meeting the range of challenges customers face on and off the road.

“There are two things that really get me excited about Vore,” adds Kellie Rhodebeck, marketing manager, Kenda Tires. “First, there’s the instant “cool factor” we get by associating with an experience like Vore, and I’m looking forward to creating unique content opportunities with this in mind. In addition, customers don’t normally have the opportunity to test drive tires before buying the products, but with Vore we will have the ultimate test ground for our products. At the end of the experience, consumers will be able to confidently say that they trust the Kenda brand to provide the quality and performance they need.”

This year, Kenda will launch the latest evolution of its Vezda passenger tire line with the introduction of the Vezda UHP A/S KR400, developed by the engineering team based at the new Kenda research and development facility in Green, Ohio. Kenda says it will use the relationship with Vore to give select customers the chance to see how responsive the KR400 is on the Roush Mustangs.

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