A year after announcing its plans to bring commercial truck tires to the U.S. and Canada, Pirelli's TP Commercial Solutions LLC is launching two brands and products for trucks, farm and off-the-road uses.

Pirelli went back to MATS to show off its lineup of commercial tire products that will be available in the U.S. and Canada.

Pirelli went back to MATS to show off its lineup of commercial tire products that will be available in the U.S. and Canada.

TP Commercial Solutions is the Pirelli entity that supplies truck tires and fleet solutions in North America, and officials showcased the new products at the 2017 Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS). It will offer both the Pirelli and Formula brands, with Formula designed to serve as a Tier II associate brand.

“We have the start of a solid product lineup now available for sale, and most importantly, all of these products uphold Pirelli’s iconic brand values and quality after exhaustive testing on our end in this market,” says Clif Armstrong, president of TP Commercial Solutions.

Check out these product offerings:

Pentathlon D – This long haul drive tire is SmartWay verified, and offers high mileage, and thanks to EcoImpact features, fuel savings and low emission benefits.  Pentathlon will be the name of the premium long haul Pirelli product family in the U.S. and Canada. Pentathlon D will be the first to launch and just as a penthalon sporting event features five contests, this tire has five distinguishing characteristics: high mileage, energy efficiency, even wear, high traction and high retreadability.

Features include:

  • a dual layer tread compound for long lasting performance;
  • a special undertread compound to equal low rolling resistance and fuel consumption;
  • an optimized pattern geometry and 3SB belt evolution for durable, even wear;
  • a directional tread pattern for excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces; and
  • Pirelli’s patented SATT (Spiral Advanced Technology for Truck) technology and Hexa Bead Wire to deliver retreadability needs.

G:85 Series for On/Off Road – The FG:85 and TG:85 are specifically designed for the steer and drive on/off road application. The G:85 Series comes in both an all position rib product as well as an aggressive drive companion. These tires are for mixed use vehicles, and are designed to enhance structural integrity while resisting extreme stress factors and laceration. They feature a durable casing for multiple retreads.

FH:01 Motor Coach – Designed for the bus fleet market, the long haul and regional all position FH:01 motor coach tire is designed for durability and a smooth ride. An optimized tread pattern promotes steering precision and grip on both dry and wet surfaces. A Pirelli patented innovative shoulder tread contour allows even distribution of pressure, ultimately resulting in even wear and high mileage.

Formula Driver II All Position rib – This product is part of the Formula brand, a Pirelli Tier II brand that will be launched in the U.S. and Canada. The Formula Driver II All Position rib will start with limited sizes and then expand to a full product line. Formula Driver II delivers value in mileage, handling and durability thanks to Pirelli SATT technology. It's engineered to enhance uniformity of wear, tire life, handling characteristics and retreadability.

“All of these products offer best in class benefits for North American fleet needs," says Armstrong. "This was proven during our dedicated local testing phase thanks to ongoing innovations in Pirelli’s tire technology. Pirelli has been a world leader in tire technology for over 140 years. We’re confident in the results, and in providing superior products for truck and fleet applications. We look forward to building relationships and discussing our products’ features and benefits in-depth at the show."

For more information, including more detailed product information and brochures, visit www.pirelli.com/commercial/us.