Nexen Tire America Inc. is replacing the quarterly sweepstakes drawings in its Next Level dealer program with double rewards periodically throughout the year.

"We're reinvesting the sweepstakes dollars into double dollar pay periods," says Kyle Roberts, director of marketing for Nexen. "For instance, in quarter one of this year we paid out double dollars on our rewards to help entice people to hit larger tiers and earn more cash back."

This doubled the rewards on a tire's base payout amount, and dealers also could earn an additional $1 to $5 per tire based on their volume levels.

Nexen says the quarterly sweepstakes were a great way to bring excitement to the Next Level program in the beginning. "But what we found was the dollar amount associated with supporting those events was much better served by offering it as a goal to our dealers to hit higher rewards and earn more money," says Roberts.

Get Paid Directly

Another enhancement to the Next Level program for 2017 is the distribution of payouts to dealers by checks rather than reloadable cash cards. Dealers must provide a company tax identification number in order to receive their checks. This new method provides more privacy.

"We really focus on paying dealers cash," says Roberts. "Other programs focus on co-op dollars, or websites or discounts on parts. We told our dealers we are going to give you cash because that's what you want. Cash is going to help drive your profitability as a business with our brand."

Success of the Program

After two years, 4,000 dealers have enrolled in the Next Level Associate Dealer program. "Dealers have an opportunity to earn between $8 and $10 a tire. That is a big dollar amount for the retail price of our tire," says Roberts.

Plus, dealers earn points beyond their cash rewards with every tire purchased to redeem Nexen-branded gear such as tire stickers, banners, lights, hats, shirts and more.

And it is easy to manage. Every dealer's progress toward rewards is automatically tracked in the Next Level Associate Dealer program website.

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