Tireco Inc. is adding flotation expansion sizes for Milestar's Patagonia M/T tire for light trucks, SUVs and off road trail vehicles.

This tire is engineered to tackle the harsh off-road conditions while delivering on-road handling and performance, with an all-in-one aggressive tread design.   

The Patagonia M/T will make its debut at the 2017 Moab Easter Jeep Safari.

The Patagonia M/T will make its debut at the 2017 Moab Easter Jeep Safari.

The maximum traction tire integrates a high void tread design that promotes self-cleaning to quickly expel mud, dirt, and debris. Staggered off-center tread blocks provide increased traction while enhancing on-the-road performance. For added durability, most sizes come with three-ply sidewall which provides added strength and impact protection while stone ejectors protect against stone retention and drilling.

The Patagonia M/T tire delivers traction and performance in some of the toughest terrains, yet is priced at a value. It's offered in 15-to-20-inch sizes for LT and flotation applications, including 35x12.50R20, 37X12.50R17, and 38x15.50R20 which are currently available for factory direct or warehouse shipment.

“We’re proud to launch the Patagonia M/T with more applications and larger, aggressive sizing to meet the demands of today’s truck and outdoor enthusiast,” says Andrew Hoit, vice president of sales and marketing. “We’re committed to the truck and off-road community, long-term, and plan to have the Patagonia fitments expand even further.”

For additional information, visit www.tireco.com.