Bahrain uses the same three compounds selected for China: the first back to back races of the season.

Sakhir is a circuit that above all tests traction, and it’s also the first night race of the year, starting and finishing in the evening under the floodlights. As a result, the pattern of tyre behavior and track evolution isn’t exactly the same as it would be during a conventional afternoon race.

Last year, the winning strategy was a three-stopper, with the same three compounds nominated as this year.

The Circuit From A Tyre Point Of View
  Pirelli knows Sakhir well, as a favored year-round test venue for different series. 

  Tactics can be varied: there were nine different strategies in the top 10 last year. 

  Surface is granite but not very abrasive: thermal degradation is a bigger factor. 

  Falling track temperatures in each session mean that the surface tends to get faster. 

  Rear-limited, due to traction demands. 

  One of three night races scheduled for this 
year, along with Singapore and Abu Dhabi. 

Mario Isola - Head Of Car Racing:

“The biggest gains at Sakhir are all to be found in traction: it is quite a stop-start circuit, so getting the power down properly and keeping the rear tyres in good condition is very important. Last year we found quite a high degree of wear and degradation, so it will be interesting to see how this has changed with the introduction of our 2017-specification tyres. The second free practice session will be particularly important, as it is the only one held in representative conditions of qualifying and the race.”