Software and technology provider Compu-Power Inc. is getting out of the tire business, and it has picked Andreoli & Associates Inc. as its preferred replacement software provider.

Paul Claffy, president of Compu-Power, says, "The tire industry is in the midst of unprecedented consolidation. After careful consideration, we decided it was in the best interest of our clients and Compu-Power that we exit this segment of the software industry at the end of 2017.

"We felt an obligation to establish a migration path to another software provider that shares our core principles. Andreoli has a reputation for integrity, consultative customer service, and first-class software solutions. We are confident that our clients who evaluate and select an Andreoli solution will be well served."

Mike Andreoli, president of Andreoli & Associates says, "Compu-Power is one of the most respected software providers, and pioneers, in the industry.  We are honored to have the opportunity to work with them and their clients."

The two companies are developing data conversion capabilities to maximize data retention and minimize operational disruptions for Compu-Power clients who elect to transition to software solutions from Andreoli. Compu-Power also will consult Andreoli through 2017 on the technical and functional characteristics of TRACS.

 "We currently service clients with similar profiles to those using TRACS," says Andreoli. "Where we do not overlap on functionality, and where possible, we will add enhancements and integrations to fill voids. Our overall goal is to make changing software as 'frictionless' as possible for Compu-Power's clients."

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