Saturday was a good day in racing for Matt Ferrato. Ferrato, owner/driver of the Class 12 No. 1201 Hollywood Bar and Grill buggy, finished first in class during the one-day event. This marks the first win and second podium for Radar Tires in 2017.
The SNORE Motion Tire Ridgecrest 300 was a one-day race in the high desert near Ridgecrest, CA. The race consisted of four 66-mile laps over a rough and rocky clockwise rotation circuit, which took its toll on both man and machine, as the attrition rate was high. But Ferrato brought his "A" game to Ridgecrest.
At the start of the race on Saturday, Ferrato started at the back of the pack. That didn’t seem to faze him, as he had passed everyone in Class 12 before the end of the first lap. By the end of the 4 laps, Matt had "matted" the loud pedal; with an awesome one hour and 26 minute lead over the 2nd Class 12 finisher!
“We had a good day racing, starting in the back of the pack and moving our way to the front. By mile 45 we had a hour and forty five minute lead over the second place vehicle; it was a good position to be in,” said No. 1201 driver Matt Ferrato.
The course continued to get more and more rough as the laps went on. But Ferrato’s 33x10.50R15 Radar R5 M/Ts helped him power through the roughest of rocky conditions.
“By lap four the course was so rough and rocky, but we were able to charge to the finish, thanks to our Radar Tires,” said Ferrato.  
Next up for Matt Ferrato is the SCORE International Baja 500, June 3rd, in Ensenada, Mexico.