Vipal Rubber Corp. is continuing its worldwide show tour May 7-9, 2017, at Automechanika in Dubai.

The Brazilian-based manufacturer will display Vipal treads, along with patches and repairing stripes. The RAC patch models are built with tiers of nylon plies, and the RA patch line includes aramid fibers, a reinforced textile used in bullet-proof vests, security belts, automotive armoring, and other products whose resistance is five times stronger than steel.

Vipal also will display its Vipstem product, meant for repairing small damages to tubeless tires, and Vipaseal, used for temporary fixes in tubeless tires, as well as MC patches, sealants, and other items.

The treads on dispaly will include the DV-RT4 tread, which offers traction power and adherence on slippery floors; the VL140A, for road cargo transport and resistant to abrasion wear; and the VZY, which is resistant to sharp objects and is recommended for mixed floors, especially uneven ones. The VL110L is designed for radial tires and free rolling axles, and is especially suited for long-distance services on paved surfaces, and the RZM530L, for vehicles that run both on paved and unpaved surfaces.

During the event, Vipal says its goal is to expand the network created in the previous year, and expand strategic partnerships to strength its presence in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

“Our participation in Automechanika is extremely strategic, as one of our purposes is to show that Vipal offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the tire repairing and retreading industry,” says Dijan Rigo, overseas commercial coordinator for Vipal.

The 2016 edition of Automechanika in Dubai attracted more than 30,000 visitors from 138 countries during the three-day event.

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