Pirelli brings the three hardest compounds in the Formula 1 range for the first time this year: P Zero Orange hard, P Zero White medium, and P Zero Yellow soft.

This is to cope with the notoriously high demands put on the tyres at the Circuit de Catalunya: caused not only by the famous long and fast corners, but also by the abrasive surface and likelihood of warm weather. As a regular testing venue, including two sessions earlier this year, Barcelona is the track that the teams probably know best – but a lot has changed since the last visit, just over two months ago...  

The Circuit From A Tyre Point Of View
•  Teams bring latest evolutions, which might alter tyre behaviour compared to testing. 

•  There was gap of more than 1.5 seconds 
between medium and soft in testing: this is 
expected to possibly come down. 

•  Front-left work s hardest: front-limited track . 

•  More than one pit stop is likely due to 
traditionally high wear and degradation. 

•  Teams run high downforce, adding vertical 
as well as lateral loads to the tyres. 

Mario Isola - Head Of Car Racing:
“This is the last race where allocations are fixed for every team: as of Monaco, drivers are making their own choices about the quantities of each compound they would like to nominate. While Barcelona is a well-known venue, aerodynamic evolution of the cars, enhanced by the latest upgrade packages brought to Spain, mean that performance is increased but degradation levels could also be higher compared to testing. We can additionally expect weather conditions considerably warmer than February.”