Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, Race No. 11 – Go Bowling 400

Multi-zone right-side and new left-side enhance drivers’ grip on Kansas:
When Goodyear Racing introduced its multi-zone tread tire at Atlanta back in 2013,
it did so to improve racing by protecting the inboard portion of the tread that sees the
most heat and takes the most abuse, while adding grip with a “softer” compound on the
outboard portion of the tread.  This has never been more important, as the Monster
Energy NASCAR Cup Series is running its lower downforce package in 2017. 

The lessdownforce there is on the car, the more the tires are asked to contribute grip and keep
the cars “in the track.”  Without the ability to protect the inboard two inches of the tread,
you could not give as much grip with the outboard 10 inches.  And in addition to its
multi-zone right-side tire, Goodyear is bringing a new left-side tire with a more tractive
tread compound to Kansas this week.  This tire set-up was verified at a test at Kansas last
fall and should make for great racing this weekend.
Notes: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series teams will run a completely different tire set-up
than those in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series at Kansas this week.

This is the first time Cup teams have run either of these two tire codes at Kansas, though they did run
this left-side code at Charlotte last season. Compared to what was run at Kansas in 2016,
this left-side tire code (D-4698) features a compound change for more grip. Like at Kansas
last year, this year’s right-side tire code (D-4720) is one of Goodyear’s multi-zone tread tires,
with two different compounds on the same tire, one on the inboard two inches (Endurance
Zone) for more heat and wear resistance, and one on the outboard 10 inches (Traction Zone)
for more grip, it has the same tread compounds as the 2016 Kansas tire, but
features a construction change to bring it into line with what is run at Texas.

This tire combination came out of a Goodyear test at Kansas last October 17 with drivers; Jimmie Johnson, Joey Logano, Danica Patrick and Martin Truex Jr.

Teams are required to run inner liners in all four tire positions at Kansas. Minimum Recommended Inflation: Left Front, 22 psi; Left Rear, 22 psi; Right Front, 54 psi; Right Rear, 50 psi