Randy Merritt got serious with his Class 7200 Race Truck propelled by Ford 3.5L Ecoboost taking first in Group B at the Laughlin Desert Classic held May 11-14, 2017 in Laughlin, NV.

With over twenty-four years of off road racing experience and several stints with major tire company’s research and development, Randy Merritt feels he knows what it takes to be a winner and recounted, “the tires were great!”  Obviously, that was validated with combination of the V6 Ford Ecoboost and the mighty traction and durability of the Mark Ma Dakar Rally “Signature Series” 37X1350R17 offered by TRI-ACE’s Mark Ma, legendary polymer chemist and Company owner.

Randy Merritt Jr. and Jake Larson completed the Mongo Racing team that outran twenty three other racers in the Group-B BITD Class by 2 minutes and 7 seconds.  Randy Merritt at the end of the race said, “It feels great to win again, we’ve worked hard for the past year and lately bad luck had bit us, but not today”.

Jack Bidding, TRI-ACE’s Senior Brand Manager added to the race victory summary by saying:  “We have had a couple smaller venue victories thus far including at the Texas Off Road Racing Association series, but this is by far our biggest success and our congratulations go out to the Mongo Racing Team.”  Bidding also pointed out that racers Super Rickie Gaunt and Joe Delucie have been the catalyst for the upward trend in racers wanting to compete with tires that give them a chance for success.  Bidding said, “next in our sights is the BAJA500 where we hope to give a few more race teams a reason to try our tires before focusing our sights on the BAJA1000 competitors and the Score Contingency Award of $50,000”.

See more information from Randy Merritt at mongoracing.com or rmerritt8100@gmail.com.