Zhongce Rubber Group Co Ltd. (ZC Rubber) has opened a research and development center in China in cooperation with a state-owned research and development institute.

ZC Rubber says the new R&D center will focus on the development on the rubber and materials for smart production, new energy and green tire material.

The facility was built in cooperation with the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

ZC Rubber and the Ningbo Institute have collaborated on R&D projects for 13 years. The company also cooperates with other Chinese universities and institutes including Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology and Qingdao University of Science and Technology.

“We will continue to cooperate with R&D institutes and universities to reinforce our core material technologies and develop highly competitive products to improve the market competitiveness around the global market. Intelligent and green tires will be our focus our focus,” Shen Jinrong, president of ZC Rubber.

ZC Rubber is based in mainland China.

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