GCR Tires & Service (GCR), a division of Bridgestone Americas Inc., is guiding commercial tire customers to its stores using a new route planner tool on its website.

The route planner is part of the site's enhanced store locator tool, and it helps drivers and fleets find GCR stores along their haul routes and select a location based on a specific service need.

“We are committed to understanding the needs of our customers and providing solutions that help them operate safely, maximize uptime and keep their business moving,” says Jon Kimpel, executive director of marketing for GCR. “Our new route planner will help small-to-medium-sized fleets, owner operators and RV customers quickly locate our service stores along any route so they can plan their maintenance activities and make the most of their time on the road.”

The route planner enables fleets to plan ahead for long or short hauls, and identify GCR locations along their journey. Users can create customized routes by selecting how far they want to deviate to visit a store. The tool, which is fully integrated with Google Maps, allows users to share directions to their mobile device, with other drivers in the field, as well as save the route for later travel opportunities.

In addition to rolling out the route planner, GCR also has upgraded its store location finder enabling fleets to go beyond searches based on zip code and choose a store location based on specific service needs. The new filters include:

  • DOT Inspections,
  • in-store alignments,
  • mobile alignments,
  • agricultural tire services, and
  • off-the-road (OTR) tire services.

GCR operates more than 200 store locations and 1,500 service vehicles.

For more information or to try the route planner, visit GCRTires.com/locations.