MobileMech vehicles are outfitted with an all-in-one mobile tire service technology.

MobileMech vehicles are outfitted with an all-in-one mobile tire service technology.

Delticom AG is pairing its online tire sales expertise with Technomarketing, and the two companies are launching the MobileMech brand of vehicles outfitted with an all-in-one mobile tire service technology. The companies say the vehicle's Ecube tire service unit can accommodate "a large quantity of tires, wheels and in due course additional equipment and tools" for any tire service or wheel change, whether it's done road side, at an office or a home.

The Ecube system runs exclusively on electricity, eliminating the noise and pollution of the traditional generator. It's made up of four components: a tire changer, balancer, compressor and power bank with advanced remote monitoring which allows communication possibilities for the control centers in Hannover, Germany and Roosendaal, The Netherlands.

The companies unveiled the new MobileMech concept at Autopromotec 2017.

MobileMech says it is "looking to attract the attention of the progressive mobile tire fitting market and provide their businesses with a new, more versatile solution for the future.

“It is also our determined objective to capture sales and future partnerships from forward-thinking tire service professionals throughout Europe and on an international basis.”

Ralph Dubbeldam, managing director of Technomarketing, says the project “represents an important development in the progress of futuristic mobile tire service business, and I am confident that the MobilMech concept will swiftly set down an important marker for even more efficient mobile tire service in the future.”

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