The Roadtour 455 Sport  comes in five V-rated sizes for performance-oriented vehicles.

The Roadtour 455 Sport  comes in five V-rated sizes for performance-oriented vehicles.

Hercules Tire & Rubber Co. has added the Roadtour  455 all-season touring tire and a V-rated counterpart, the Roadtour 455 Sport,  to its Roadtour Series.

The Roadtour 455 joins Roadtour 655 MRE premium touring tire and Roadtour 855 SPE grand touring tire.

The company says the Roadtour Series expansion allows for a broader selection of tires that will appeal to the needs of every family member and every budget.

“The Roadtour 455 provides practical performance inside and out,” says Jedd Emans, vice president of marketing.  “With this tire, dealers can now offer a full range of options to consumers. This is an affordable touring tire appropriate for a wide range of vehicles.”

The company says the Roadtour 455 is equipped with a design and construction that delivers performance, security and accessibility. Features include:

  • recurring full depth sipe areas that provide flexibility while maintaining overall stability for greater grip and even wear;
  • four-pitch sequence that delivers reduced road noise for a quieter ride;
  • center rib that promotes crisp handling and driver comfort, and as it wears it becomes solid to provide added stability and grip; and
  • an updated design optimizes surface contact with the road for increased traction and tread life.

The Roadtour 455 is available in 33 T- and H-rated sizes covering wheel diameters from 14 to 18 inches. Fitments include the Chevy Cruze, Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla and Buick LeSabre.

The Hercules Roadtour 455 is available in a Sport version as well, which shares many of the Roadtour 455’s design features, but offers a more aggressive appearance and asymmetric tread design. The Roadtour 455 Sport features five additional V-rated sizes in 17- to 19-inch wheel diameters suited for performance-oriented vehicles.

Hercules says that like the other tires in the Roadtour Series, the Roadtour 455 features generous mileage coverage— 50,000 mi/80,000 km for T-rated sizes and V/H-rated sizes are backed by 45,000 mi/75,000 km of coverage.  All tires in the Roadtour Series offer Road Hazard Protection and Hercules’ exclusive 30-Day Trust Our Ride Test Drive.

“At Hercules, we are very invested in creating value for our independent tire dealers, and their customers. We truly believe that the Roadtour 455 rounds out the Roadtour Series perfectly, delivering drivers an excellent ride at an exceptional value and generating additional pathways to profitability for dealers,” said Emans.

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