Team Falken took its third win in four rounds of the 2017 Black Magic Formula Drift Pro Championship at New Jersey’s Wall Speedway when Aurimas “Odi” Bakchis earned the overall victory.  

Bakchis qualified 15th on Friday night, at which time he and his team changed out their engine, finishing at 3:00 a.m. Saturday.  His teammates Justin Pawlak, qualified 3rd; James Deane, 5th; Matt Field, 14th; Daijiro “Dai” Yoshihara, 17th; and Piotr Wiecek, 18th.  Overall, 27 out of 28 entrants qualified for round four, running on a Saturday night where every seat in the legendary Wall Stadium was filled.

“This was one of the hardest fought wins for me,” exclaimed Bakchis.  “Honestly, the car was changing constantly; the track conditions were changing, and my Falken tires were able to adapt to ever single situation, enabling me to adjust the levels of grip exactly to where I needed them to be to work with was happening with my car.”

“I couldn’t be happier with the overall result coming off with a win in Round 4,” Bakchis continued, “and this is good momentum to stack up points and finish strong in the season.”

“It was a strong performance for Team Falken,” added Steve Wong, Falken’s Supervisor, Passenger Car Events.  “We had solid qualifying, good runs by our drivers and we came away from New Jersey with James Deane still in 1st in the Formula D Championship and now, Odi in 5th.  Falken also continues to lead the Tire Cup championship.  It was a good night.”

“I agree with Steve; Formula D gave the fans an incredible evening of excitement,” added Jonathon Bradford, Falken Manager, Motorsports and Events.  “With all the One More Times – Odi had three alone – it was a lot of running and a long night.  Odi pushed so hard, he blew his back-up engine as he crossed the finish line in the finals to win the event!”

“Bottom line, credit goes to Odi and his team. They adjusted to changing track conditions and pushed the new AZENIS RT615K+ to get the ultimate responsiveness.” Bradford noted.   

Team Falken will travel “True North” to Montreal, Quebec, for Round 5 when Formula D visits the Autodrome St. Eustache, July 14-15.