The Tire Industry Association (TIA) has scheduled Certified Earthmover Tire Service (ETS) instructor classes in Mason City, Iowa, on June 19-23 and Sept. 18-22.

The five-day program is open to all experienced off-the-road tire and wheel service professionals.  

The certified ETS instructor classes provide hands-on certification training in three areas.

  1. Demounting, mounting, and inflation procedures for a tubeless OTR tire on one-piece, three-piece, and five-piece rims.
  2. Safety guidelines including personal protective equipment (PPE), safe lifting, and heatstroke/frostbite identification and prevention.
  3. Speed restrictions, dual tire guidelines, dual and single tire matching guidelines, tire mixing recommendations, temperature and inflation pressure, rim to tire fitment, TMPH/TKPH, and tire/rim assembly weight.

TIA’s Basic Earthmover Tire Service class is a prerequisite.

Download the registration form. For more information on the class, contact Chris Hoogenboom at or call 1-800-876-8372 x 106.