Avon Tyres is increasing its association with Castle Combe Circuit, the company’s local race track in Wiltshire, located just 11 miles from Avon Tyres in Melksham.
In practice this means there will be more visible branding, banners and flags, and that all suitable track support vehicles will be fitted with Avon tyres.
Avon’s iconic branding will now, as of this month, feature on a second footbridge across the circuit between Quarry and the Esses.
Castle Combe’s most iconic set-piece has traditionally been the Avon Tyres footbridge that crosses the pit lane entry, and which has been documented as having remained in place since 1954. New evidence now proves that Avon’s sponsorship of the bridge actually began a full two years earlier in 1952, which in turn means that the current design is being modified to suit.
The news that the relationship between Castle Combe and Avon Tyres (believed to be the UK’s longest-standing sponsorship at any circuit) actually began a full two years earlier, has resulted in an extension of the agreement between one of the country’s fastest and most technically demanding tracks and Avon, a high performance tyre manufacturer.
The date discovery itself was made by Pete Stowe, Castle Combe’s chief archivist. “It was certainly an unexpected turn of events and one which I struggled to believe when Pete first informed me,” explained Graham Marshallsay, Managing Director of Castle Combe Circuit. “Not only does it underline the shared history enjoyed between ourselves and Avon Tyres, it has served to make the relationship even closer still.”
News of the discovery was warmly received by both Avon and the rest of the circuit team, Avon having subsequently announced that it will invest more time and resources into its Castle Combe branding over the course of the next three years. It cements a relationship that is as long-standing as it is iconic.
Shane Wride, Avon Tyres Development & Brand Manager, commented, “Avon’s sponsorship of Castle Combe really is a remarkable achievement, particularly when you stop to consider how much the world of motorsport has changed since 1952. We are delighted to be able to continue working with such an important local business – here’s to another 65 years!”
In 2017, Castle Combe hosts its busiest ever calendar with race meetings and car shows taking place on almost every weekend between now and October. Go to castlecombecircuit.co.uk for details.