Millbrook Group says it will add garages to the site to support more testing.

Millbrook Group says it will add garages to the site to support more testing.

The Millbrook Group is doubling its indoor tire testing space at Test World in Finland, and adding facilities for wet and dry braking. Test World currently offers two indoor winter test facilities. The proposed expansion will create three additional indoor areas. The length of the extended facility will allow Test World to test brakes on passenger cars at higher speeds than possible in the existing space. The adjustable temperature and humidity will help tire manufacturers as they develop, certify and label tires, the company says.

Millbrook says offering more services at a single location helps its customers save time and money.

“This expansion is something our customers have been asking us for and we are pleased to confirm such ambitious plans for extending our current facilities,” says Janne Seurujärvi, managing director of Test World. “The investment will strengthen our position as the world’s leading tire testing site for cold temperature testing. The new capabilities will allow us to provide a fuller service to our current and prospective customers, ultimately saving them time and money by providing more services on a single site.”

Alex Burns, president of Millbrook Group, says, "We expect this news to be warmly received by our customers, who look to our engineering expertise to complement their testing and development requirements."

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