Years of acquisitions by American Tire Distributors Inc. (ATD) meant many of its employees were splitting their time between sales calls and work inside one of the company's 140 distribution centers. ATD wants those 250 workers to focus on just one of those jobs.

During a training session this month the company began what it called a transformation of those jobs into specialized critical roles within the sales and supply chain functions. The company is providing professional development and training for members on both the sales and supply chain teams.

A company spokeswoman says the 250 people who had been wearing multiple hats were offered specialized positions based on their skill set and experience. "It's really about how we're functioning to serve that customer better," she says.

“Our goal is to equip our sales team to anticipate the needs of each customer today and tomorrow supported by our breadth and availability,” says Stuart Schuette, CEO and president. “We are on our journey of transformation because we believe it is the right direction for our company, our associates, our customers and our suppliers — at exactly the right time.”

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