Simple Tire LLC has added a third delivery option for customers of its online sales platform. They can ship their tires to any of the 1,800 FedEx Office locations in the U.S. But Simple Tire’s real goal is to redirect those customers to one of its installation partners.

Josh Chalofsky, chief operating officer at Simple Tire, tells Modern Tire Dealer that the company wanted to come up with another shipping option. Customers already can ship tires to their own home or business. They also can choose to buy tires and ship them directly to one of its 10,000-plus “installation partners”. But Chalofsky admits consumers aren’t yet trained to buy something and ship it to another business.

“When you buy everything else online, you normally ship it to yourself. So shipping to an installer is still new,” Chalofsky says. “No matter how much we help in that process, there’s still that bit of concern with consumers.”

But if consumers can choose to ship those tires to a place they trust, with a brand name they trust, such as FedEx, it helps bridge the gap, he says. Plus, it eliminates the need for a consumer to adjust his or her schedule to make sure they don’t miss the FedEx delivery truck at home.

The deliveries to a FedEx Office also allow Simple Tire to continue to track the order. When a customer picks up a tire order, Simple Tire can “retarget them” and again try to push them to one of the tire dealers signed up as an installation partner.

“It allows us to say, if a customer shipped to Cherry Hill, New Jersey, ‘I know we have an NTB in Cherry Hill. If you go to this NTB, they’ll offer you a discounted rate.’”

Chalofsky says the company will experiment with the best times to send those installation messages to customers. It might be as soon as the tires are picked up, or it might be one or two days later.

“Our goal would be they’d go right to the installer and get them installed,” he says.

Simple Tire says many FedEx Office locations are open extended hours, even on Sundays, giving customers flexibility to pick up their tires. FedEx will hold the tires for up to five days.

There’s no charge to the customer to use FedEx. When shopping on, customers will have the option of choosing a nearby FedEx Office when selecting a delivery option.

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