A fourth province in Canada has permitted the use of wide-base truck tires, effective July 1, 2017.

Saskatchewan joins Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba in allowing the tires. Saskatchewan updated its regulations to increase hauling and payload capacity from 7,700 kg per axle to 8,500 kg.

Michelin North America (Canada) Inc. says the move "allows the industry to adopt fuel-efficient wide-base single heavy-truck tires and to operate at competitive weight limits, while decreasing fuel consumption and green-house gas emissions for the environment."

Jeff MacLean, president of Michelin in Canada, says, "Accelerating the adoption of new generation wide-base single tires is one important way that government and industry can use innovative technologies to help drive Canada's clean-growth agenda."

Wide base single tires have been available in North America since 2000. Load parity was implemented in 2009 in Quebec and in 2008 in Ontario. In 2015, Manitoba revised regulations pertaining to trucks travelling provincial highways that meet national load ratings.

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