Centric Parts' 2017 steering and suspension components catalog has more than 1,400 new listings covering more than 200 makes and models of vehicles built from 2000 through 2017.

The just-released catalog has over 690 pages and a total of 11,605 part numbers listed.

“Centric continues its commitment to comprehensive coverage in Chassis with this latest catalog and new part introductions,” says Charlie Kirkland, vice president of traditional aftermarket sales. 

“Coupled with our recently introduced Chassis Program Guide, it provides distributors and technicians with an in-depth look at the features and benefits of our chassis program, highlighting Centric’s dedication to engineering and supplying an ‘O.E. by Design’ part.”

The 2017 Centric Parts Steering and Suspension Components Catalog features detailed listings of all Centric Premium and C-Tek control arms; ball joints; tie rod ends and adjusting sleeves; idler and pitman arms; suspension bushings and bumpers; steering bushings; sway bar links and link kits; king pin sets; spring mounts, insulators, shackles; steering rack bellows; suspension links, arms, bars and brackets; center links and drag links; and alignment kits, steering and suspension tools.

The printed 2017 Centric Parts Chassis Catalog is available now. The Centric Parts Online Catalog is fully updated and the data has already been released to e-catalog providers as well. All of the parts offered in the 2017 Chassis Catalog are available to order today.

Also available from Centric Parts is the Centric Parts Steering and Suspension Systems Guide. This 12-page guide details the features and benefits of the Centric Parts chassis program, covering major suspension and steering product groups: control arms, tie rods, ball joints, stabilizer bar links, idler and pitman arms, and bushings.

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Centric Parts is a North American manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket brake and chassis components for passenger vehicles, light and medium duty trucks, fleet vehicles, high performance vehicles and race cars under the Centric, C-Tek, Posi Quiet, Fleet Performance and StopTech labels.