Paddy Lowe, Chief Technical Officer: It was quite a messy day for everybody, with a highly-disrupted FP2 session. In FP1 we managed to run a good program with both Felipe and Lance, however the car was not as well balanced as we’d like, the pace was not spectacular and we didn’t manage to improve from the first new tyre to the second new tyre. In FP2, we didn’t manage to set times on the supersoft tyres, so from a highly-disrupted session we’ve come away looking quite poor on the timesheet. But it’s given us lots of information to work with and we’ll be working hard this evening to further improve the car for tomorrow.
Felipe Massa: It was a typical Friday, we were just trying to understand the tyres and the car on this circuit. For sure we did not have a great position at the end of the day, but we just need to understand everything around the car so that we can improve during the weekend. But this is normal for a Friday.
Lance Stroll: The day wasn’t too bad, as we had a clean one without too many issues, so that is positive. We are not where we were hoping to be, but, as expected, we knew this track would be tricky for us and we need to keep pushing and work for tomorrow. The grip is quite hard to predict and, especially Turn 11, is quite bad. I saw a lot of drivers going off there. Like always, we will push as hard as we can to get the best possible result.