Voting has started for the four seats on the Tire Industry Association's board of directors. Fourteen representatives from the tire industry are vying for those seats, which come with a three-year term.

Voting is open only to current TIA members in good standing. Online voting is open and continues through Friday, Sept. 1. Here's the list of nominees for the 2017 board, with TIA biographies. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Chris Brown, Florida Tire Supply Inc., Auburndale, Fla. Non-Dealer Wholesaler/Distributor, Supplier. Market: Retail, Commercial/Truck, Industrial, Wholesale, Retread/Repair, OTR, Farm/Agriculture. Chris currently serves as CEO of Florida Tire Supply, and has 40 years of experience within the tire industry. He is a third-generation leader for Florida Tire Supply, and has held every position within the company throughout his career. Chris has an interest in staying current on many issues faced in the tire industry. With Chris’s product knowledge and solutions-driven attitude, he plans to focus on growing the next generation of industry leaders.

Ernie Caramanico, Amityville Firestone, Amityville, N.Y. Tire Dealer. Market: Retail. For the last 18 years, Ernie has served as president of the New York Tire Dealers Association. Ernie is also actively involved in his community, and is a past president of the Amityville Chamber of Commerce. Ernie is a former TIA Board member and served for many years as TIA’s Membership Committee chair.

Daniel Childers, Tire Centers LLC (TCi), Duncan, S.C. Tire Dealer, Retreader, Fleet/Municipality; Non-Dealer Wholesaler/Distributor. Market: Commercial/Truck, Wholesale. Daniel started in the tire business in 1988 with National Tire Warehouse (NTW) and held many positions with NTW prior to it being purchased by Sears and the development of Sears Tire Group. He held various positions with Sears Tire Group before transitioning NTB to Tire Kingdom after the purchase by TBC. He worked as a training manager and district manager for Tire Kingdom and assisted with the transition of Big O Tire company-owned stores. Daniel went on to work for TCi, where he is currently the regional director, Mid-Atlantic Region. Daniel has a passion for tires and cars. He has ASE certifications, IMAC/MAC certifications, and numerous other training certifications. He currently serves on the TIA Board and is involved in the Government Affairs and Training Committees.

Russell Devens, McCarthy Tire Service Co., Wilkes-Barre, Penn. Tire Dealer, Retreader. Market: Retail, Commercial/Truck, Industrial, Retread/Repair, OTR, Farm/Agriculture. Russell currently serves as director of safety and risk management at McCarthy Tire Service Co. He is responsible for safety, risk management, training and security for more than 1,100 employees in 50 locations along the east coast. Russell is a Level 400 Commercial Tire Service Instructor with TIA, a Part 48 Certified and Part 46 Instructor through the Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA), a Certified Commercial Vehicle Inspector through the US Department of Transportation, and OSHA 30 Certified. He also holds law enforcement certifications in Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Brad Feeney, TBC Corp., Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. Non-Dealer Wholesaler/Distributor. Market: Retail, OTR, Commercial/Truck, Industrial, Farm/Agriculture, Wholesale. Brad currently serves as director of commercial programs for TBC and oversees their off highway program. During his 10-year career with TBC, Brad has designed and launched several ahead-of-the-curve products, including the TerraRok A/T Radial tire; redesigned and implemented a new Hyperion corporation consolidation tool; and supervised a large inventory control project attaining the goals of inventory reduction and increased inventory accuracy. He has also volunteered and raised funds for the Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation annual golf tournament. Brad is passionate about environmental sustainability, attracting new talent, and the future technologies of the tire industry.

Leslie Hamilton, Jee Wholesale Tires LLC, Houston, Texas. Tire Dealer, Supplier. Market: Retail, Commercial/Truck, Industrial, Wholesale, OTR, Farm/Agriculture. Leslie currently serves as a sales representative for Jee Wholesale Tire and has more than 10 years of experience within the industry. After two years of working for his previous employer, Reliable Tire, Leslie was promoted to warehouse manager and then branch manager before joining Jee Wholesale Tire. Leslie plans to take on and address key challenges within the industry and serve as a voice for the community.

Mason Hess, Purcell Tire and Service Center, Tucson, Ariz. Tire Dealer, Retreader. Market: Retail, OTR, Commercial/Truck, Recycling, Industrial, Farm/Agriculture, Wholesale, Retread/Repair. Mason currently serves as an area manager for Purcell Tire and Service Center and has 20 years of experience within the tire industry. He has worked for both small and giant dealers as well as major tire manufacturers and has held several job titles, including warehouse laborer, technical advisor, vice president, area manager, manager and trainer. Mason helped develop the TIA OTR Certification class and is a current TIA Board member. Throughout his career Mason has been charged with the responsibility of starting up many new service locations from the ground up. In addition to these start􀀀ups he has managed over 100 service technicians. Through these experiences Mason understands the importance of standardized safe procedures and assuring implementation of vital safety training. Mason feels that being part of the TIA Board is an honor for him and that his passion for safety and his industry experience make him a great fit. He currently serves on the Membership and Training Committee.

Thomas Kirk Huls, TOKAH Inc., dba Big O Tire, Yucca Valley, Calif. Tire Dealer. Market: Retail, Commercial/Truck, Wholesale. Thomas currently serves as president of TOKAH, dba Big O Tire and has been in the tire and automotive industry for more than 45 years. He has served on numerous boards and committees, including the Big O Tire Dealers Advisory Board, National Product Committee, National Advertising Committee and the BOTDSC Board. Thomas also served as Chamber of Commerce president; president of the Copper Mountain College Automotive Advisory; and BNI president. During his career he worked for Sears, BFGoodrich and various independent tire dealers before opening his own Big O franchise 14 years ago. He has expressed a strong commitment to service and training and is also interested in addressing the regulatory challenges facing the industry.

Sean Lannoo, Continental Automotive Systems, Allentown, Penn. Manufacturer – Tire or other. Market: Wholesale. Sean currently serves as a sales technical training specialist for Continental Automotive Systems and has over 10 years of TPMS experience. He developed a TPMS training program for Continental Automotive Systems and is a TIA Advanced Instructor, and an ASE Certified Automobile Technician and Parts Specialist. With Sean’s interest in education and training, he looks to provide proper TPMS techniques to industry professionals.

Gary MacCausland, VIP Tires and Service Corp., Auburn, Maine. Tire Dealer. Market: Retail, Wholesale, Farm/Agriculture. Gary has been in the tire and service industry for more than 25 years and currently serves as vice president of operations for VIP Tires and Service. Within the industry, Gary has been personally responsible for more than one thousand tire and service centers (NTW, Tire
America, NTB, Sears Auto Centers, Tire Kingdom, Merchant's and Pep Boys) while also being a TIA tire service instructor and holding an ASE cerfitication. Gary has an interest in training and educating and hopes to enhance the importance of safety within the tire industry.

Brian McGeoghegan, Mohawk Rubber Sales, Hingham, Mass. Supplier. Market: Retail, OTR, Commercial/Truck, Wholesale, Retread/Repair. Brian is currently president and owner of Mohawk Rubber Sales and has more than 27 years of experience within the industry. Since becoming sole owner in 2008, Brian grew Mohawk Rubber Sales from one location with 30 employees to four locations and 100 employees. Throughout his career, Brian has supported the importance of customer service, safety knowledge and proper procedures.

Lance Meyer, Myers Tire Supply Co., Akron, Ohio. Supplier. Market: Retail, OTR, Commercial/Truck, Recycling, Industrial, Farm/Agriculture, Wholesale, Retread/Repair. Lance currently serves as director of national accounts for Myers Tire Supply and has more than 25 years of experience within the tire industry. He has served as a board member for the Indiana/Illinois Tire Dealers Association, has been a speaker at the International Tire & Expo Conference, and also served as a panelist at the TPMS panel at the SEMA Show and ITEC. Lance has a passion for safety, teaching, and mentoring those just starting in the industry and feels that his experience combined with his passion would make him a great candidate for the TIA Board of Directors.

Mike Pursley, Wegmann automotive USA Inc., Murfreesboro, Tenn. Supplier. Market: Retail, Commercial/Truck, Wholesale. Mike has been a member of the automotive industry for more than 25 years, serving all of it in the wheel and tire segment. His work has aided tremendous growth within the Wegmann automotive Group, an organization that supplies nearly every major retailer and OEM customer in our industry segment. Mike has previous experience working with groups like AMRA/MAP, SAE, SEMA and others, as well as involvement other local charitable organizations such as Middle Tennessee tornado relief. Mike is knowledgeable about the history, companies and players within the wheel and tire segment and plans to bring a wealth of expertise to the TIA organization. He has previously served as a governmental legislation liaison for both national and state level issues and plans to deliver value to the TIA Board via his expertise of the overall aftermarket landscape, management and industry best practices, and of current and future legislative issues that affect the industry.

W Rippetoe, Schrader Performance Sensors, Auburn Hills, Mich. Supplier, Manufacturer – Tire or other. Market: Retail, Commercial/Truck. W has 15 years of experience in the tire industry and currently serves as the Team Leader for Schrader Performance Sensors. He has held a variety of leadership positions for both the OE and aftermarket segments that has contributed to his expertise in TPMS. Throughout his career, W has gained knowledge in OE process flows and assembly plant functions, and provides training to tire technicians, service managers, and other trainers throughout North America. He has also served as a TIA ATS Advanced Instructor for the last 10 years. With W’s interest in public safety and the tire and wheel industry, he hopes to further the importance of understanding TPMS and TIA’s opportunities in training, legislation and education.

The results of the election will be announced in mid-September, with the new board members taking office on Monday, Oct. 30, 2017, at TIA’s annual meeting during the Global Tire Expo in Las Vegas.

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