Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, Race No. 23 – Pure Michigan 400

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, Race No. 13 – Lti Printing 200

Multi-zone Matters at Michigan: Michigan International Speedway is the
highest speed track on the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup circuit, with speeds at the
end of the straightaway reaching 212 mph.  All that speed generates heat in the tires,
so to combat that, Goodyear brings its multi-zone tread tire to Michigan. The
multi-zone tire features two compounds, with one on the inboard two inches of
the tread that is tougher and more heat resistant to combat the high operating
temperatures and protect the part of the tread that takes the most abuse and runs
the hottest.  The second distinct compound is across the outboard 10 inches of the
tread and is “softer” to provide more grip.

“When we brought the multi-zone tread tire to the Racing Division in 2013,
high-speed tracks like Michigan are what we had in mind,” said Greg Stucker,
Goodyear’s director of racing.  “The speeds that these Cup cars run at big tracks
like Michigan generate a lot of heat in the tires.  With the camber that teams build
into their set-ups, the tire runs only on the inboard edge of the tire all the way down
the long straightaways.  Running the tougher compound on the inboard allows us to
run a more tractive compound on the outboard so cars will have maximum grip
through the corners.”
Notes: While teams in NASCAR Cup and Camping World Truck Series will run the same right-side tire code (D-4726) at Michigan this week, they will run distinct left-side tire codes, the same combination of tires that Cup teams ran at Michigan in June. Michigan is the only track at which Cup teams run this left-side code (D-4702). Cup teams did run this right-side code at Las Vegas earlier this season.
On all NASCAR ovals greater than one mile in length, teams are required to run inner liners in all four tire  positions at Michigan with air pressure in those inner liners 12-25 psi greater than that of the outer tire.