Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has created a predictive service platform for consumer fleets. It's called AndGo, and it offers more than just tire service.

Goodyear unveiled the platform at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show. The company says it combines predictive software with Goodyear's national service network to reduce downtime, and helps fleets with "full vehicle readiness."

Goodyear says by 2025:

  • ride hailing will grow 4x, and
  • shared, autonomous vehicles will grow 60x

Goodyear Chairman, CEO and President Richard Kramer says, “AndGo is another Goodyear innovation that will help enable mobility today and in the future. There is no one better positioned than Goodyear with our service network, intelligent tire solutions and predictive software to provide premium fleet readiness.”

AndGo offers "continuous care" with routine inspections and tire monitoring and Goodyear’s intelligent tires.

Goodyear says AndGo is currently available in select U.S. markets, and will expand to additional markets in mid-2020.

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