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Long tread life is dead to some consumers

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Sometimes tread wear is the most important feature of a tire to a consumer. Sometimes it is not.

Take the new Vredestein Quatrac 5, for example. It is an all-season tire without a tread wear warranty.

Does that make it unsellable in the United States and Canada? Of course not. That doesn't mean dealers selling all-season tires with tread wear warranties won't bring it up as a comparison point.

It makes perfect sense why the Quatrac 5 doesn't have a tread wear warranty. To find out why, read the latest blog from Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich, "Why the importance of a tread wear warranty is relative."

How important do you think tread wear is in North America? Not counting dedicated winter tires, do you sell tires without one? How often does the consumer ask about a tread wear warranty? Read the blog, then let us know what you think by leaving a comment!

And to read more about the new Quatrac 5, check out Ulrich's report from Scotland:

"Vredestein covers 4 seasons with Quatrac 5."

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