Three buggy teams running Radar Tires at Imperial Valley 250

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Three buggy teams running Radar Tires at Imperial Valley 250

Radar Tires continues its growth in long-course, off road racing. For this weekend’s SCORE International Imperial Valley 250, the Singapore-based tire brand will be represented by three Class 10 Buggy teams.
Set in Plaster City, Calif., on 41,000 acres, the three-lap, 82-mile race course includes a combination of rugged desert terrain with a purpose-built eight-mile section, specialty-built jumps, turns and a table-top area in a one square-mile of private land in the center of the race course. Unlike the other Baja desert events, the Imperial Valley includes an infield area that includes the start/finish line, main pits, series operation compound, spectator viewing areas and the winners circle.
Bronson Motorsports, Richards Performance Muffler and Robinson/Romo Racing will use special non-DOT size 33X10.50R15 Radar Renegade R5 race tires for this weekend’s Imperial Valley 250.
“We’ve done our homework for this weekend’s Imperial Valley 250, and we’re ready to build on our success from the Baja 250 win in March,” said Gary Blalock, Radar Tires Motorsports Manager. “The teams will spend the better part of this week getting familiar with the course and fine-tuning their vehicles for the course. The course is reported to be quite rough but we’re confident that we have the right tire and compound that will work well in Plaster City. It is especially exciting to have three Class 10 teams competing on Radar Tires!”
The 2013 Baja 500 Class 10 winner Mike Johnson in the No. 1031 Radar Tires Buggy likes the challenge ahead of him at the Imperial Valley 250. Johnson and co-driver Mike Majesky drew the 15th starting position in a field of 16 Class 10 entrants. The Bronson Motorsports drivers suffered from engine issues during the season-opening Baja 250. The team has spent the last several weeks preparing the race buggy to withstand this weekend’s 250-mile event.
“Now that the Baja 250 is behind us, we’ve had some time to inspect and modify our buggy to ensure that we don’t have any more performance issues,” said Johnson, co-driver and owner of Bronson Motorsports. “We haven’t finished a race since winning the Baja 500 last year, and we’re bound and determined to finish and win the Imperial Valley 250 this weekend. I love starting from the back and we’re just about the last buggy in Class 10. We’ll fight with the dust and dirt from the other buggies, but that’s the way we like it.”
Richards Performance Muffler team joins Radar Tires for the Imperial Valley 250. Co-drivers Richard Glaszczak and Patrick Dailey will start the race from the 10th position in the No. 1073 RPM Buggy.
“We are excited and ready for the Imperial Valley 250 race in our own backyard,” team owner Glaszczak said. “Patrick and I both live about two hours from Plaster City and this feels like a home race for us. Our buggy has made some test runs on the Radar Renegade R5 tires. The tests went well and we’re pleased with the performance and durability of the tires. We’re thrilled to be part of the team, especially since Radar Tires is coming off that Baja 250 win. We want to get them a second win this season and we plan to make it happen this weekend.”
Carrying momentum from their 2014 SCORE Baja 250 Class 10 win are Cody Robinson and Roberto Romo, co-drivers of the No. 1016 Robinson Farms/Romo Race Prep Buggy. The Baja 250 was the first time Robinson and Romo competed in SCORE Class 10 and with Radar Tires. Robinson and Romo will start from the first position of the Class 10 group based on SCORE International’s random qualifying draw earlier this month.
“I am excited to be back in Plaster City and to be able to attack this terrain with the Radar Renegade R5s,” said lead driver Robinson. “Starting first in my mind is great. We will be out front and ahead of the competitors and all the dust a field of this size can kick up; that should work to our advantage. I believe this will be a sprint race, so fast is key, but we also need to be smart and take care of the buggy out in the rough terrain of Plaster City. Hopefully we will be able to build on our win at San Felipe and finish on the box out at the IV250.”
The approximate race start for Class 10 is 2 p.m. (PT) on Saturday, April 26. For live timing and webcast of the SCORE International Imperial Valley 250, visit and
Exclusive Imperial Valley 250 event information is available at
Radar Tires is competing in two events this weekend. In addition to competing in the long-course, off road racing in SCORE International this weekend, Radar Tires will be on-track for TORC: The Off Road Championship’s Husqvarna Showdown in Charlotte on April 25-26.

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