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A hybrid highlights 5 new Conti truck tires

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A hybrid highlights 5 new Conti truck tires

Continental Tire the Americas LLC showcased five new radial truck tires at the 2014 Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS), held in Louisville, Ky., March 26-29.

“With the addition of these new tires, we are continuing to reach our promise of the lowest overall driving costs for commercial vehicle operations," said Alex Chmiel, director of marketing for commercial vehicle tires. "If a fleet is searching for application specific coverage that meets their driving needs, Continental’s new generation of truck and bus tires is providing the answers they need to optimize their tire performance.”

The new tires are:

1. Conti Hybrid HS3. The steer and all-position tire is designed for the combined regional and long haul segment. The tire is engineered with an application-specific compound for fuel efficiency and mileage, along with the integrated durability features of Continental’s third generation casing design and VAI technology. The Hybrid HS3 is available in size 295/75R22.5, load range H.

2. Conti EcoPlus HS3. The steer tire offers a 10% reduction in rolling resistance and a 12% increase in mileage over the company's previous generation longhaul steer tire. It features an advanced decoupler groove design and a “flap style” stone bumper system -- both of which result in advanced life and retreadability; a 19/32-inch tread depth; and Continental’s exclusive Visual Alignment Indicator (VAI) system. It will be available in early summer in size 295/75R22.5, load range H.

3. Conti TerraPlus HD3. The off-road drive tire is especially designed for the high traction needs of construction vehicles, work trucks and heavy commercial pickups in North America.The first new product introduced in Continental’s 19.5-inch tire line, the TerraPlus HD3 features a specialized, aggressive tread pattern with an open shoulder; an off-road belt package; and chip and chunk resistant compounding. It will be available this spring in size 225/70R19.5 (19/32nds tread depth).

4. Conti Urban HA3. An all-position and steer tire, the HA3 capitalizes on the increase in American urban bus traffic with a specialized compound for prolonged mileage performance. It features a durable new casing construction as well as a comfortable and quiet tread pattern, and is available in two sizes: 275/70R22.5 (22/32-inch tread depth) and 305/70R22.5 (23/32-inch tread depth).

5. Conti Coach HA3. Designed for longer distance traffic in heavier vehicles, such as motorcoaches and large RVs, the HA3 is optimized for wet handling, mileage, durability and fuel efficiency. It features a quiet running tread and an optimized footprint that result in ride comfort and durability. The tire, "ideal for steer or all-position use," is available in sizes 255/70R22.5 and 275/70R22.5 (15/32-inch tread depth) and 315/80R22.5 (17/32-inch tread depth).

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