Bridgestone/Firestone shows data to Congress

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Bridgestone/Firestone (BFS) Inc. took its crusade against Ford Motor Co. to Congress yesterday.

"We shared compelling data showing that a Ford Explorer is twice as likely to roll over in a tire-related accident than any other SUV," BFS officials said in a prepared statement.

"We believe this data, along with the data we shared with the public earlier this week, continues to raise serious questions about the safety of a significant segment of Explorers."

The tiremaker also claims that Explorers riding on non-Firestone tires "continue to experience tread separations and tragic roll-over accidents.

"We have said all along that a tire cannot be looked at in isolation. To fully understand these accidents, one must evaluate the interaction of the vehicle and the tire."

BFS severed its century-long partnership with Ford earlier this week. In response, Ford announced it was recalling all 15-, 16- and 17-inch Firestone Wilderness AT tires on any of its vehicles.

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