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TBC brand strategy

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TBC brand strategy

One of the largest booths at the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) was the TBC Corp. booth, which featured three truck tire brands: Sumitomo, Sailun and the new DynaCargo.

The three brands give the company a strong presence in the replacement truck tire segment, and a full line in every sense of the phrase, from tier to axle position and application. That includes wide-base and fuel-efficient tires.

Between the two of them, Sailun and Sumitomo account for 3% of the domestic replacement market, according to Modern Tire Dealer statistics. That should increase with the introduction of DynaCargo, an entry-level value brand.

Bill Dashiell, vice president of product marketing, says the line should not cannibalize Sumitomo or Sailun sales because each product offers distinct features, benefits and price points.

“DynaCargo is in the process of releasing two designs as SmartWay verified, yet the line is simply for the guy who is looking for the lowest cost of entry for a replacement tire,” says Dashiell. “It is a full line, too, with everything from a decoupling groove steer tire to a new 385/65R22.5 mixed service wide-base tire.” A size 425/65R22.5 wide-base tire will be available in the fourth quarter.

‘High value’

The next generation Sailun S606 EFT (for Environmentally Friendly Technology) is SmartWay-verified. Dashiell says the new premium all-position steer tire competes against brands such as Hercules and Double Coin in the upper Tier Three segment. However, it is priced with mid- to lower Tier Three tires. Available in six sizes, it features the following:

•  a 22/32-inch tread depth;

•  extra-wide and square shoulders with built-in sipes for stability and traction in all weather conditions; and

•  interlocking symmetrical tread blocks that promote long, even wear and a full contact footprint.

To complement the S606 EFT, TBC introduced the Sailun S665 EFT all-position tire. Also SmartWay verified, it is designed for the regional and urban markets and targets the “mid-value segment,” says Dashiell.

The Sailun S665 has an 18/32-inch tread depth and features a five-rib design with blading and siping. The solid shoulder helps prevent damage in tough urban applications.

TBC markets Sailun as a high-value product. Sumitomo, an aggressively positioned Tier Two truck tire, is marketed as TBC’s optimized tire for the best cost-per-mile.

Sumitomo and Sailun have multiple cap warranties. DynaCargo has a one-cap warranty.    ■

To read the entire June 2014 issue of Modern Tire Dealer, see the digital version by clicking here.

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