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MTD Dealer Profile: Larry Morgan

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MTD Dealer Profile: Larry Morgan

Full Name: Larry C. Morgan

Nickname: Larry

Age: 57

Hobbies: golf and boating

I'm most proud of: my children

Favorite childhood memory: hunting with my father and fishing with my entire family

Biggest regret: being so immersed with my career that I could not spend more time with my parents as they grew older (although I talked to my mother EVERY DAY for the last six years she was alive).

Favorite book: "Ronald Reagan" by Dinesh D'Souza

Favorite movie: anything with Clint Eastwood

Favorite television show: most anything on The History Channel

Favorite actor, actress: Clint Eastwood & Sophia Loren

Favorite athlete: Walter Payton

Favorite sport: college basketball

Favorite politician: Ronald Reagan

Favorite food: stone crabs

Are you a morning or a night person?: morning

If I could change one thing about myself I: would be more patient

My friends like me because: I am loyal.

My goals in life are: to earn the respect of others by being honarble and trustworthy and to provide love and comfort for my family.

A perfect evening for me is: a good Scotch and good friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

Nobody knows that I: am very compassionate for those needing help.

The smartest thing I've ever done: gone into business for myself

Best advice your parents gave you: Work hard and be financially conservative (although they thought I was nuts when I continually stretched myself to grow our business).

Your advice to children: Get a great education, follow your parent's advice and know the Lord.

Your most humbling experience: Army basic training

The great thing about tire dealers today is: their entrepreneurial instincts and tenacity.

Your advice to a tire dealer just starting out: Be aligned with a winning marketing group and have enough capital to hang on through the tough times. And put your emphasis and money on quality people.

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