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ITV EarthRoamer Vehicle Features Continental Tires

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ITV EarthRoamer Vehicle Features Continental Tires

Continental MPT81 tires are featured on the EarthRoamer vehicle seen on the ITV program "Gordon, Gino and Fred's Road Trip" 

EarthRoamer began offering Continental MPT81 tires as an option in 2009 and later included them as standard equipment on all EarthRoamer LTS builds.

"The Ford F-550-based EarthRoamer LTS is designed to be used on both highways and off-road and the MPT81 is the only tire we have found that is comfortable at highway speeds, provides good traction on rough trails and can handle the weight of an EarthRoamer," says EarthRoamer CEO Bill Swails.

Continental says the MPT81 features a multi-functional tread design with three variations of tread depth.

"A turtle shield design and high protection of the upper sidewall and shoulder area makes the tires robust and puncture-resistant," note company officials. "Thanks to their reliability, MPT81s are used for fire and rescue operations and work applications, such as forestry, construction and winter road service. The same characteristics make them high performers for the demanding needs of off-roading, overlanding and expedition vehicles."

The ITV program's EarthRoamer, dubbed "Betty the Beast," is used in driving, cooking and camping scenes involving Gordon Ramsay, Gino D'Acampo and Fred Sirieix.

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