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Hankook Rolls Out All-Position Bus Tire

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Hankook Rolls Out All-Position Bus Tire

Hankook Tire America Corp. has introduced the SmartCity AU04, an all-position tire designed for bus applications.

“To accommodate the dynamic needs of commercial city transport where buses constantly start and stop in variable road conditions, Hankook designed the SmartCity AU04 for durability and even wear,” say Hankook officials.

“Hankook developed the SmartCity AU04 with a core structure and compound that is significantly more heat resistant which allows for enhanced safety, longer service life on city buses, and reduced wear.”

The tire also features a “tread arrangement” that has been designed to optimize both safety and fuel efficiency.

“A multi-purpose performance tread design has been incorporated that combines two different zig-zag groove patterns to significantly improve wet traction and braking. The SmartCity AU04 also features an optimized rib spacing arrangement between tread sections in order to provide better fuel efficiency. Outside of the tread sections, the tire features an expanded sidewall protector that gives protection from side impacts.”

"We're excited to introduce the SmartCity AU04 to our TBR portfolio as we continue growing our commercial TBR division in America," says Rob Williams, vice president of commercial sales, Hankook. "The SmartCity AU04 represents not only our continued investment in innovation and commercial growth, but also our ability to provide customers with new state-of-the-art products to enhance driving capabilities."

The tire is available now in size 305/70R22.5.

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