Maxxis Updates Compounds for 2 Tires

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Maxxis International-USA is updating the compounds for the Victra VR-1 and the Victra RC-1 tires to improve dry performance. 

The Victra VR-1 and the Victra RC-1 tires are popular with enthusiasts and amateur racers looking for performance. Maxxis is updating the compound of both tires, from the S1 to the S2 compound on the Victra VR-1, and the R1 to the R2 compound on the Victra RC-1 tire.

The new compounds are designed to improve dry performance, consistency and wear pattern in summer conditions — without giving up existing characteristics such as heat cycle resistance.

Maxxis recommends drivers use tires with the same compound in all positions.

The previous compounds, S1 and R1, will still be available until a transition to the new compounds is complete. 

All VR-1 and RC-1 tires are not designed to be used below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius). Maxxis maintains a technical bulletin on cold weather storage guidelines here.

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