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Continental Displays Tires, Digital Solutions at ConExpo

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Continental Displays Tires, Digital Solutions at ConExpo

Continental AG is highlighting its “complete solutions for the construction and other on/off-road industries” at this week’s ConExpo show in Las Vegas.

New Continental brand construction and mining tires on display at Continental’s ConExpo booth include:

  • The Conti HSC 3, a heavy truck, steer/all-position, construction tire that delivers significant benefits over its predecessor, the HSC1, including an estimated 11% mileage improvement;
  • The Conti HDC 3, heavy truck, drive axle construction tire, which delivers significant benefits over its predecessor, the HDC1, with an estimated 15% improvement in life expectancy;
  • The Conti HAC 3, an all-position construction tire that features new cap/base tread compounds for enhanced traction and mileage, and is equipped with sensors that interact with Continental’s suite of digital solutions;
  • The EM-Master, which is designed for loaders, dozers and articulated dump trucks and is available in both E3/L3 and E4/L4 versions;
  • The RDT-Master, which targets rigid dump trucks and boasts angled tread edges and an open shoulder design “to facilitate high lateral stability and maximum traction even on rough terrain while driving at high speeds,” according to Continental officials, and;
  • The DumperMaster, which boasts an all-steel radial carcass to minimize heat build-up and is designed for dump trucks and loaders.

Continental also is highlighting its new line of General brand bias-ply OTR tires, including the TE188, which was unveiled during last month’s Tire Industry Association OTR Tire Conference. The General TE188 is a multi-purpose tire that is now available in one E3 size (16.00-25) and seven E3/L3 sizes (ranging from 20.5-25 to 37.25-35).

In addition, Continental is displaying its suite of digital tire monitoring solutions that will “help fleets reduce downtime, improve safety and fuel efficiency, and minimize labor and maintenance costs associated with tire inspections,” including:

  • ContiConnect Yard, which “is ideal for fleets whose trucks, buses or off-the-road vehicles return to the terminal daily.” The solution’s yard reader station collects data from all tire sensors within a 65-foot radius and then sends captured information to a web portal, which forwards text and email alerts to end users, and;
  • ContiPressureCheck, which monitors vehicles in real-time, alerting drivers to tire pressure and temperature issues through an in-cab display.

“Components of the (two) systems can be combined,” say Continental officials. “For example, Continental customers use ContiPressureCheck in-cab displays, along with ContiConnect Yard, so drivers can be informed while on the road and the fleet manager can see the data in the web portal once the trucks return to the fleet terminal.

“For OTR tires, the embedded sensors can also be used in a new service concept, ContiLogger Live….which uses a telematic device with integrated sensors to measure speed, distance, location, lateral forces, road grade, production activity, tire pressure and tire temperature.

“The system issues warnings for critical conditions like long idling time, high TMPH (ton miles per hour), low efficiency cycle pattern, low inflation pressure and high tire temperature.”

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