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Michelin Unveils New Size for Tweel

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Michelin North America Inc. has rolled out a new size, 10N16.5, for the Michelin X Tweel SSL 2 AT skid steer tire.

Designed for off-road applications, the tire features a 32/32-inch tread depth with 10/32-inch of undertread, “improved shear beam construction,” and other features, according to Michelin officials.

In addition, the Michelin X Tweel SSL 2 HST will be available in the same size, 10N16.5, in June 2020.

“This model is designed predominantly for hard-surface applications,” say Michelin officials. “The HST is designed with 48/32-inch of tread depth to increase wear in high-scrub applications.”

 “The Tweel segment is dynamic and we are constantly adding to the portfolio to meet customer demands in various applications,” says Justin Brock, Michelin senior marketing manager for the construction and Tweel segment in North America. “The addition of the new SSL 2 application will allow skid steer customers to achieve enhanced durability in demanding environments.”

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