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Cooper's Discoverer Snow Claw Is Made for Trucks and SUVs

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Cooper's Discoverer Snow Claw Is Made for Trucks and SUVs

The Discoverer Snow Claw tire represents the latest refresh to Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.'s winter tire lineup. Made for pickup trucks and SUVs, Cooper says the Discoverer Snow Claw was tested in four countries across three continents. It features Snow Groove technology, which traps snow in the grooves of the tire for greater traction, handling and stopping power.

The studdable tire is designed to stay flexible even in the extreme cold. Cooper says it gives drivers confidence and grip on the road in the bitter cold, snow and ice.

The Discoverer Snow Claw tire bears the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) designation. It's available in 23 sizes for 16- to 22-inch wheel diameters.

“Winter weather is unpredictable; drivers need tires that they can be confident are made with proven technology to get them where they need to go safely in even the most extreme conditions,” says Andrea Berryman, director of product development at Cooper. “With the addition of the new Discoverer Snow Claw winter tires to the Cooper product lineup, truck and SUV drivers now have a tire option for extreme ice traction and excellent snow performance, which are essential for drivers to capably navigate extreme winter road conditions.”

The Discoverer Snow Claw tire will be available to tire dealers to order beginning in April 2020, and available to consumers in October.

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