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Omniq Launches App That Reads Tire ID Numbers

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Omniq Corp. has introduced SeeTire, an app that uses proprietary software to scan tire sidewalls and read tire identification numbers (TIN).

“Federal law requires tire manufacturers to permanently brand the sidewalls of all tires sold in the United States with a TIN and the brand is black-on-black raised marking, typically small with low contrast, making it difficult to read by the human eye alone,” say Omniq officials.

SeeTire, they continue, “uses artificial intelligence-machine vision technology to quickly read a TIN, upload it to the cloud, and then submit the result for subsequent validation, verification and archiving.”

“We anticipate that this technology will significantly improve the inventory management capabilities of our customers in the tire manufacturing industry, both in-warehouse and on-the-road, and will also assist compliance with safety regulations, which enforce expiration dates and limit reuse of tires past their viable shelf life,” notes Omniq CEO Shai Lustgarten.

“In addition to building efficiency, our machine vision technology creates unique and significant added value, by giving tire sellers immediate data on who their customers are, and creating a connection automatically that allows them to proactively reach out when it’s time for their next tire change.”

Omniq officials add that SeeTire “is currently being rolled out to national tire distributors in the U.S.”

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