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MTD Facts Issue Provides Snapshot of Industry

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MTD Facts Issue Provides Snapshot of Industry

Looking for the latest on shipments, pricing, brand market share and more? Check out Modern Tire Dealer’s January 2020 Facts Issue, which is available now!In that issue, accessible here, you’ll find the latest data on:

  • tire sales, sizes and margins;
  • tire shipments (both domestic and imports);
  • world leaders in tire sales;
  • market share by tire brand (both replacement and OE);
  • online tire pricing;
  • tire manufacturers' plant capacities;
  • automotive service, and more.

And for the first time, MTD’s Facts Issue provides a detailed breakdown of store demographics, plus shipment and brand market share beyond North America, including Europe, the Middle East and Africa; Asia-Pacific; and South/Central America.

Also, in the January 2020 edition of MTD:

  • Tire industry analyst John Healy discusses mergers and acquisitions, the future of tire distribution, the impact of online tire sales, manufacturing investment in the U.S., and other hot topics that will impact you in 2020;
  • Fellow tire dealers share their biggest concerns as the new year begins;
  • MTD contributors Michael McGregor, Dennis McCarron and Mike Townsend provide tips on how to run your business even more efficiently; and more.

Stay tuned for more exclusive MTD Facts Issue research and statistics! 

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