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Petlas Offers Solid Tire for Forklifts

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Petlas Offers Solid Tire for Forklifts

Petlas Tire Corp. has introduced the Solid ST tire for forklifts. The solid tire is designed to offer extended service life, maximum damage resistance and minimized maintenance costs for forklifts operating on smooth and flat surfaces compared to pneumatic tire options.

Petlas says the Solid ST's quality is part of its four-layer construction.

The state of the art rubber compound of the tread offers a long, economical life cycle that's resistant to cuts, chips and wear.

The cushion layer provides toughness without compromises on operator’s comfort or the forklift’s service life. Petlas says forklift operators will benefit from the smoothing effect of this layer by feeling less tired at the end of the day. This layer also contributes to the service life of the tires by decreasing heat build-up.

Under the inner layer of hard natural rubber with staple fibers lies the hard base compound with four embedded steel wires that provide secure wheel seating.

Petlas says the tire offers operating efficiency and profitability as reduced maintenance costs and extended service life decrease the overall cost of ownership.

Solid ST is available in two sizes: 6.50-10 and 23x10-12. Petlas expects to add two more sizes in the second half of 2020: 18x7-8 and 4.00-8.

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