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VSG Unveils Alignment Scissor Lift and 3 Tower-Free Wheel Aligners

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VSG Unveils Alignment Scissor Lift and 3 Tower-Free Wheel Aligners

The new Rotary XA14 alignment scissor lift from Vehicle Service Group (VSG) is designed to service vehicles from subcompacts to work trucks. The new lift is compatible with any alignment system, including Rotary’s three new light-duty, tower-free wheel aligners.

VSG introduced the lift and the aligners at the 2017 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show.

The XA14 alignment scissor lift is the first Rotary brand scissor-style alignment lift. (The company also offers four-post lifts and a vertical rise platform with space-saving Y-shaped legs.)

The new XA14 lift offers technicians maximum vehicle access with an open front and rear. It has a rated lifting capacity of 14,000 pounds and an easily adjustable front radius gauge that can accommodate wheelbases from 85.5 inches all the way up to 193 inches, which the company says is a greater range than any comparable scissor lift. An integrated rear slip plate allows lateral tire movement during adjustment.

VSG says the lift features a simple design that contributes to an affordable purchase price and lower long-term maintenance costs. Operator controls are located in a compact console that can be installed on either side of the lift for maximum convenience.

The XA14 lift comes with radius gauges and two rolling jacks. It can be surface-mounted or recessed.

VSG notes its new scissor lift is compatible with any alignment system, including Rotary’s three new light-duty, tower-free wheel aligners.

The new Rotary line of wheel alignment equipment is fast, accurate and easy to operate, plus has no minimum bay size requirements, can be used anywhere in the shop, and is affordable, according to VSG.

The new Rotary aligners do not require a tower at the front of the bay. As a result, shops gain five to eight feet of additional workspace in traditional alignment bays or they can shrink their alignment bay size.

Each portable aligner console can be positioned anywhere in the shop. Data is transmitted wirelessly directly from the measuring heads to each other and the control unit.

Descriptions of the new aligners follow.

The R1080 Baysaver 3D high-performance wheel aligner provides automatic camera positioning and target recognition. It features patent-pending 3D targets with exclusive Solid Vision Technology that eliminate the need for runout compensation, are extremely lightweight and have no electronic components inside, so they require no maintenance. The R1080 also comes with self-centering three-point, quick-locking tire clamps. It can provide an alignment reading in as little as eight seconds and works at any height.

The R1070 CCD Pro displays programs and data in easy-to-use 3D graphics that guide the technician through the measuring process step by step. Synoptic LED signal repeaters on each CCD measuring head ensure uninterrupted data transmission. The mobile control unit cabinet contains a powerful PC, printer and monitor, as well as special supports to store and recharge the measuring heads. 

The R1060 CCD Shop controls all the characteristic angles of both axles using four measuring heads with eight CCD sensors. The mobile control unit cart provides convenient storage for the computer, printer, monitor, battery charger, clamps and accessories. The R1060 CCD Shop’s Vehicle Spoiler Program is automatically activated to perform a simplified procedure to measure sports cars and those with tuned bodies.

Rotary spokesperson Kristen Simpson shared more facts about the aligners with Modern Tire Dealer at the SEMA Show:

  • The aligners can be run off a tablet or smartphone.
  • 3D technology allows the vehicle to remain stationery so there is no need to roll or push it to compensate for run-out.
  • Alignment readings are available in eight seconds.
  • The aligners can perform alignment checks.
  • The alignment instrumentation is made in Italy.
  • Rotary-brand equipment is sold and serviced by Rotary network of authorized distributors in the U.S. and Canada.

For more information about the full line of Rotary alignment equipment, tire changers and wheel balancers, visit or call (800) 640-5438. Rotary is on Facebook,, Twitter,, and at The Blueprint blog,

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