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TIA Outlines Plans for More Training at the Global Tire Expo

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TIA Outlines Plans for More Training at the Global Tire Expo

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) is planning to strengthen its training efforts in 2018, says Senior Vice President of Training Kevin Rohlwing. Three new initiatives were outlined at the 2017 Global Tire Expo in Las Vegas on Nov. 2.

1. New CTS and ATS programs. New versions of the existing Automotive Tire Service (ATS) and Commercial Tire Service (CTS) programs will provide a bridge between technicians and management/sales personnel, something that was needed, according to a survey of TIA's membership.

"These programs will be new in the sense that the scope and purpose will be different than our traditional training technician resources, but the message of promoting tire safety in the shop and on the road will not change," said Rohlwing. "We are simply rewriting, re-editing and repackaging our existing training assets to fill the need for technical training outside the shop.

"These industry employees may not need to know the step-by-step procedures for servicing tire and wheel assemblies, but there is an abundance of useful information related to guidelines and industry recommended practices that will help them improve tire safety." 

The new ATS program will emphasize topics such as basic tire/wheel terminology and construction; vehicle fitment and tire replacement guidelines; tire service procedures, including tire repair guidelines and limitations; wheel installation and torque procedures; and tire pressure monitoring systems. It will be available only on TIA

The new ATS and CTS training programs will only be available on TIA's On-line University. TIA expects they will be launched in the first quarter of 2019.

2.  2018 dates for Certified ATS Advanced Instructor Training Tour. For the fourth consecutive year, TIA will travel the country offering a series of 4-day, hands-on ATS advanced training classes.

"Each year, our goal with the 'tour' is to make automotive tire service training and certification accessible to all retailers and technicians nationwide," said Rohlwing.

The preliminary schedule is as follows:

* February -- Charlotte, N.C.

* March -- Lousiville, Ky.

* April -- Sarasota, Fla.

* May -- Dallas.

* July -- Long Beach, Calif.

* August -- Denver.

* September -- Seattle.

October -- Baltimore.

Most of the classes will be held at local community and technical colleges.

3. Consumer education video. TIA will launch its latest consumer education video, "Tire safety starts with installing your spare," on Monday, Nov. 6, on TIA's website and social media channels, including its YouTube channel,

The video will cover the basic guidelines for 1) installing a temporary spare tire; and 2) using a compressor with sealant to inflate a flat tire.

"It is important that every driver should know how to install a spare tire or use a portable compressor with sealant to safely inflate a tire," said TIA Executive Vice President Roy Littlefield. "Consumer education continues to be a top priority for TIA."

TIA's series of "Tire safety starts..." YouTube videos has received more than 500,000 views. Each video runs from four to six minutes. 

The Global Tire Expo, part of the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show, will run through Friday, Nov. 3, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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