TIA announces long-term strategic plans

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"We need to elevate and enhance the standards and image of our industry," says Tire Industry Association (TIA) Vice President Larry Morgan, who, along with other TIA officials, have detailed the association's goals for the coming years.

TIA's mission is "to provide exceptional products and services benefiting both the public and the industry."

The association will concentrate on the following areas:

1. Government relations. TIA will "monitor and act on government issues related to all sectors of the industry," says TIA President Tom Raben. It plans to "become better known among legislators" and "increase the participation of industry professionals in government affairs.

"We want the involvement of everyone who makes a living in the industry," Raben says.

2. Public relations. TIA will organize a multi-year, industry-wide effort "to increase the public's appreciation of the safety, performance and value of tires," says TIA Past President Steve Disney.

TIA will develop a "trust-mark" and slogan to build the TIA brand name.

3. Member services. TIA will develop "best practice" standards for industry businesses, starting with retail shops, and will implement a "Certified Store" program for outlets that undergo training and certification.

Certified Stores will be allowed to use TIA's trust-mark, says Disney.

"It will create some differentiation and fight the commoditization that the industry has allowed to take place."

Tire dealers will be intimately involved in the establishment of best practice standards, according to Disney. "It's a cross-industry effort that will require all industry participants."

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