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Bosch introduces line of fluid exchange products

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Bosch introduces line of fluid exchange products

A new series of fluid exchange products is available from Bosch. The products are designed "to boost shop revenue and margins, and increase the shop’s customer satisfaction," according to the company.

The series includes Bosch automatic transmission fluid, engine coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid and differential fluid exchangers.

“People are keeping their vehicles longer than ever. Maintaining proper automotive fluid condition, and replacing it when needed, is still an important preventive maintenance service that helps customers extend the life of their vehicle," says Tim Stumpff, product manager for the Bosch Diagnostics Business Unit of Robert Bosch LLC. "The proper equipment can make fluid exchange a routine operation for the shop.”

The new Bosch fluid exchange equipment features rugged steel construction.

1. ATX 200 and ATX 300 Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchangers. Both can exchange more than 90% of the transmission fluid in a single pass in the transmission cooler line mode -- all in only two to five minutes, on average. Both models also incorporate a suction "boost" pump that decreases the service time on low-flow and temperature-controlled transmissions. The ATX 300 adds the versatility of a dipstick mode.

2. BFX 200 Brake Flush System. Featuring an automated push/pull process that completely flushes the entire brake system in the OEM-specified bleeding sequence, the BFX 200 can perform a complete brake fluid flush in three simple steps in less than 10 minutes, on average. The unit includes universal adapters for a wide variety of master cylinders, and an on-board waste brake fluid container.

3. MCX 200 Multi-Coolant System Exchanger. The MCX 200 can quickly, accurately and thoroughly exchange a vehicle’s engine coolant in less than three minutes, on average, while exchanging 92% to 98% of the coolant in a single pass, says the company. The machine hooks into the radiator hoses for true, thorough exchange, and includes a pressure switch to protect the vehicle cooling system from high pressure.

4. VCX 100 and VCX 400 Coolant Flush products. These coolant/antifreeze exchangers offer dramatic visual appeal with a unique cylinder design that shows the old, dirty fluid being extracted and being replaced with new fluid. Both are designed to quickly exchange all types of engine coolant in five to 15 minutes, on average, and include a versatile cone adapter, which allows the units to efficiently service most vehicle makes and models.

5. PSX 300 Power Steering Fluid Exchanger and DFX 100 Differential and Manual Transmission System Fluid Exchanger. They can perform a complete power steering fluid exchange or gear oil change in five to 15 minutes, on average. Bosch says both units are simple to operate by toggling the new and old fluid pump switches. Both also utilize a clear dual process hose and wand that is inserted into the vehicle’s power steering reservoir or, in the case of the DFX 100, the vehicle’s differential or transmission.

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