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V-Grip storage system evolves with your business

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V-Grip storage system evolves with your business


A new flexible type of storage system from Equipto can create denser, more space and labor-efficient parts storage capacity as business, budget, or storage needs change.

The new V-Grip modular storage system is more flexible than modular drawer cabinets or traditional shelves "because it is designed so shelves, drawers, and other accessories can be interchanged in the shelf cavity," says Equipto. "Since each shelf, drawer, or accessory is individually mounted to upright posts using a proprietary bracket system, they are individually adjustable and can be added at any time without disassembly of the unit."

The modular storage system begins with heavy-duty uprights and top, bottom, back and side panels.  Shelves with up to 400 pounds of capacity can be added and adjusted at 3-inch increments for storage of bulk items and items of different sizes.

For more efficient storage of small to medium sized parts, drawers in 3-inch increments can be added, along with drawer or shelf dividers to keep small parts from mixing. For more security along with visibility, locking and see-through doors in various combinations can be added.

According to Equipto, traditional storage shelves offer more space than modular drawer cabinets. However, a tremendous amount of storage space can also be wasted if, for instance, three-inch-high parts are stored on 24-inch shelves. Because moving a shelf to create denser storage space often can require removing and reassembling 10 or more nuts and bolts, this is practically never done on a large scale.

"To improve productivity, we sought to consolidate most of our parts storage from bulky, traditional shelves on our third floor down to more flexible, space efficient shelves in our first floor service bays, where the work actually gets done," says Bruce Donatelli, a supervisor for the Office of Fleet Management in Philadelphia, Pa.

"The option to add or adjust shelves, drawers, or other accessories as needed should help us maximize storage density where it's needed most, next to the service bays, even if part sizes or configurations change."

Donatelli says the company added vertical storage with a deckover mezzanine above the shelves -- with stair access. "This gave us the room we needed for bulky items such as doors, hoods, fenders, and body panels."

Adding vertical storage with a freestanding or deckover mezzanine is straightforward, if adequate vertical space is available. No bracing is needed. The storage just needs to be reconfigured to put a second floor right on top of the shelving.

For auto parts facilities that lack enough vertical space to add mezzanine storage above shelving, but still need to maximize their storage density, another option is to put existing shelves on carriages and platforms to create a mobile aisle system. Mobile aisle systems move the shelves toward each other to eliminate unnecessary aisle space. When needed, a mechanical assist drive system means only one pound of effort is required to move 10,000 pounds of mobile aisle load on a system such V-Grip's.

Another advantage of mobile aisle systems is how easily they provide additional layers of storage security for high value items. To lock the entire system down, just roll the mobile aisles together and lock the end carriage. An additional layer of security can also be added with optional lockable doors in the shelving.

Equipto is a subsidiary of Consolidated Storage Companies Inc. For more information, visit

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