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Stalemate between Cooper and USW continues

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The lockout of union workers at Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.'s plant in Findlay, Ohio, continues to drag on. On Saturday, Dec. 17, United Steelworkers Local 207L even held a rally outside the plant to drum up support against the lockout -- and replacement workers.

To read Cooper Tire's side of the lockout, click here.

To read the USW's side of the lockout, click here.

So far, the lockout has lasted three weeks. Is it possible it won't end anytime soon?

In his latest blog, Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich looks at the lockout and union support. He also speculates on how the company's recent purchase of a plant in Serbia might factor into the proceedings.

To learn more about the lockout from a different perspective, check out "Are 1,203,053 people counting down to a tire plant closing?" And let us know what you think by leaving a comment!

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