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CTEK battery charger covers racing applications

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CTEK battery charger covers racing applications

CTEK Power Inc. has released its new MURS 7 racing battery charger/maintainer. The unit services both 12- and 16-volt systems.

The MURS 7 charger is fully automatic and features CTEK’s seven-step automatic charging curve. The patented CTEK charging system steps quickly and efficiently to bring the battery up to charge. Then it automatically goes to the pulse mode of charging to maintain that charge and state of readiness.

The charger will automatically shut off all power to the battery and resume charging when the battery voltage drops below a desired level. This method has proven safer, more efficient and much better for increasing battery life and performance, says CTEK.

With this new technology, the charger can be attached to the battery for months without worry. All MURS 7 chargers will service both 12- volt and 16-volt batteries in both wet or AGM styles. They work in virtually all weather, temperature and conditions and are ideal for at-track use as they are water and dust resistant, lightweight, compact and durable.

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